Do you Backup?  Are you Safe if your Site Goes Down?

Do you Backup? Are you Safe if your Site Goes Down?

If you own a website, personal or for your business, the question I have for you today is:  Do you backup your site, and how often?

What usually is a forgotten step to putting up your site, is a plan to backup your site JUST IN CASE something goes wrong.  There are three areas of your site that should be backed up on a regular basis:

  • Your Website Templates (The look and feel)
  • Your Database (Your content from your pages and your blog posts including comments)
  • Your site configuration (if you run a CMS site such as WordPress; plugins)

I run many websites for clients, as well as my own sites and unfortunately I learned the lesson of backing up the hard way (it was on my own site).  I was running my Jets site,, and in 2010 I installed a plugin that caused an issue with WordPress.  When I called tech support for my hosting company, they told me no problem, just restore the backups because my database (which held all my blog posts) was corrupted.

I turned white, paused on the phone and let out a deep sigh.  I knew my site was toast.  It took me three days to rebuilt the templates, at which time I decided this would be my ideal time to do a redesign.  I had lost two years of great content which also means that my search engine ranking disappeared overnight with this simple mistake.

So my advice to you today is, learn from my mistake and start getting your backup plan in place for your website.  Need help and have no where to start?  Give a call and we can start the conversation about a service we offer:  Website Management

  • jimr451

    Great advice – while many providers are pretty reliable with their backups, ultimately it is *your* site. I recommend about once a month pulling everything down, just in case your provider goofs.

    Another point to your story – backup *before* applying any upgrades, modules, etc. to your site. That step has saved me many times.


    • Erik Manassy

      Hey Jim. It’s been a long time! Thanks for commenting!

      Yes, most providers are great, but I think it’s safe to say that user error can play a big role with losing your content. (My site going down was my mistake). I see many people get plugin happy and don’t realize the error until it is too late. I’d bet that a majority of site owners don’t backup.

      I also backup a clean copy of the site like you said. It’s like hitting the reset button when you get carried away with configurations but it doesn’t effect your content.